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War...touchy subject, please act civil

As the title implies, this may be a touchy subject, so if you know your one of those people who like to start fights and like to argue without any hostility or civilty, please to not read on.

The war on Iraq. Chances are probably around 80% that we are going to war, and I would say that is minimum. If Iraq does not comply with the wishes of the UN, to his weapons by March 28th, then we let the wars begin. I honestly have a bad feeling this is going to be a messy war, it is really not looking good. The thing which irritates me is when they hear about the war on Iraq the first thing that comes to mind is oil and the "stupid" president of the United States. One thing you HAVE to realize is Iraq DOES indeed have these weapons, the whole UN agrees with this. If we do not put a stop to this freak now, who knows what the outcome will be. What you have to realize is the stupidity of these moron americans from the weapon inspectors. They inform Iraq when and where they will be checking next, which gives Iraq time to hide the weapons, move it to another spot. If they cannot realize this I do not know what is wrong with them; it is a bigger scale of the game cat and mouse. Don't get me wrong, in no way what so-ever to I support war, but the UN has tried compromise and now war is the only other means of showing this freak we mean business. Canada, **** I am really suprised. There is no doubt Jean Cretien had nothing to do with coming up with this decision. We, if I am not mistaken, made the agreement in which Iraq has until the 28th to comply with the wishes of the UN. IF we do go to war, we will not DIRECTLY be fighting in the war, rather we will provide assistance from fleeing on the waters, using what submarines and navy we have. Bravo, very smart decision. What we all HAVE to realize is this isn't only about oil, it just isn't. We have to recognize that we do not know everything, the government hides a lot, as I have said before on this forum, if Iraq was really planning a nuclear attack do you think they would tell us? If they did just imagine the chaos it would cause. Well anyone, to temporarily end my essay here, I will see what you guys all think of this war. Please lets act mature, I am stating my opinion, now you state yours.
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