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I saw this on the Iguana Forum at KS and thought I'd repost to share, lol. Have fun!

"-- I've been to a party this weekend. This friend of mine has a young adult iguana (about 3 feet). We were all having a good time, and suddenly a guy there...not the brightest person in the world...who had too much red-hot chilli, decided to act like an @$$, and (get this) farted right at the iguana's face! The animal was so spooked by the noise (and the stench I guess... those dam chillies) that it jumped on the guy's behind, sinking its claws (untrimmed) and biting at it! Hahahaha!

We had to throw water to get it off, and then we just couldn't stop laughing. Both the animal and the ****** were fine...the latter with his jeans a little ripped, and soaking wet (by the way, we have snow here).

The whole evening/night we couldn't stop laughing at the poor moron. He had to go home early or he would have frozen to death. So far, this is the coolest iguana I know.

Just wanted to share that with ya.

-IJ --"
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