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I totally agree with this post. I am a "kid" myself and have been researching on the captive care and matainence (sp?) of crocodilians, and I have also handled a few spec. caimens. Now I know I'm absolutely ready for one. Have been wanting one for almost 2 years now, and at first I knew I wasn't ready until now. I'm getting one in a few months .
About the venomous deal... I almost got a Gaboon Viper about a month ago, and I changed my mind for that Black Blood Python I have.... not only because I have been searching for a blood like that for almost a year, but also because I knew I wasn't quite ready for a hot. I'm looking for a mentor. I'm going to contact my local herp society and see if someone there is interested in teaching me how to handle and take care of these awesome reptiles. I already know a guy about an hour from me and I'm going to call him up again and ask him if he can help me out.
Another thing: I don't really care for the "beginner" type hots because they don't interest be in the least bit. I always go for what I'm interested in and what strikes my attention (and what I know I can handle after previous experiences, and what I keep and such). I don't want to get tired of what I didn't want in the first place. Does that make sense? I mean, it's not like I'm going to reach in and grab the herp in the first place... I'm not that stupid . This animal will be for my enjoyment, and viewing purposes only. Not to be cool and show off to my buddies. I never got why people did that in the first place, unless they are complete idiots, lol.
Anyway, I hope that shows what I think about this whole deal. Thanks for reading
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