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Going with what Katt just mentioned, I too agree with BW's post. Misinformation CAN kill. Experience is one thing, and knowledge is another. I think one has to have a bit of both to be able to give advice.

Look at me for instance. Technically I've only had snakes as pets for about 3yrs. I have only bred corns and kings. This will be my first year with breeding boas and pythons. Even though I've had many species of snakes in my collection, I can only say I _know_ a species when I've raised and bred thrm and have dealt with problems commonly associated with them. Otherwise, it's only "when I had this problem this is what I did", or "according to most other's experience...".

Anyways, this has been a good thread. It's one of those things that have been a peeve of mine too (even though I'm a newbie). Glad that someone brought this up to help other newbies be aware.

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