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Originally posted by BILLP
Also a larger snake is harder to get rid of later is you decide that you do not like it.
That is a big problem in the herp world. You need to be absolutely sure what you're getting into with a particular species, so it doesn't end up thrown away. Consider where you are in life (i.e. finishing high school or whatever) and how your life is going to change in the future and compare that to the fact that most snakes will live AT LEAST 10 years in captivity, most likely many, many more than that. Getting a Burmese python as a freshman in high school is most likely going to turn out bad for the burm. Not because a young man or woman cannot care for it properly, but because their life is going to go through so much upheaval in th next 5-10 years.

If you cannot care properly for the snake for it's (un?)natural life, then you have no business buying it in the first place, in my opinion. Animals are not something to be "rented" until you tire of them and then disposed of.
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