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Well, I always try to give advice when I can. I see a lot of people floundering with questions that no one has an answer to, and I think it's better to hear some sort of advice than nothing at all. I don't go off about something I don't know because that's well stupid, but I won't shut my trap just because I don't have 10yrs of experience.Glad to say no one has faulted me on something I've said though.

I'd love to make a webpage on burms, because I love them so, but I haven't kept one long enough to know everything, but I have done some research and chatted to other keepers (which is the best way to learn) . Vanan and I have typed up a little sheet on large snakes (since we have a few) for the heck of it and try to help other newbies, even if we are a bit of newbies ourselves, not to make ourselves like experts, but because we like helping people and I really see no wrong with that.

However, I do think it's foolish to see absolute newbies, or even medium newbies spout off info they have no understanding off. It's really the posturing that bothers me.
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