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I absolutely agree with you BW. That's why most of the advice I give people starts with the phrase "In my experience with my herps" or something like that. And if I cite something I saw on the internet i usually say "I read somewhere or saw somewhere, not sure if it's true but...." to leave it open if anyone else might know more about it. It's really important especially for newbies to understand that most people's advice is based on a collection of their own experience, gathering info in books and on the net etc BUT that each herper needs to do his own such research. Take each persons advice for what it is, one person's advice or one websites advice and nothing more. It's the collection of information that will only get bigger and more complicated as time passes that is most important. The more you read and the more questions you ask (then the more questions you will have and then even more you will ask ) you will be better able to judge when something will work for you or not.
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