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Re: Warning about pyrethrin use

Originally Posted by mykee View Post
Im confused? Is any of this really new information? We all knew that this stuff was dangerous and should only be used in the proper dosages.
I am glad you have no issues but not everyone knows all about it or that it mimics IBD

Nothing new here.
I am glad you know but saying "nothing new here"- yes, there is something new. Here is what to look for.
I've used Nix for over 15 years on EVERY new acquisition that comes into my collection. NEVER have I misused it or dosed it incorrectly. This is sad, but if used properly, the active ingredient in BOTH PAM and Nix; permethrin is both safe and effective.
Yet again this is YOU and doesnt apply to everyone. I am YOU specifically- never had a problem. Awesome for you.

There is ZERO excuse for misusing these products, there are a million different websites and forums that tell you how to use it properly.
Yet again you sound as this isnt helpful at all and almost comes across as condescending. The way it sounds to me is thus:

"I know all about it i cannot believe how stupid you are for not knowing as much as me"
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