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Re: Warning about pyrethrin use

Originally Posted by Gungirl View Post
Mykee.. they are 2 different things. They didn't spell it wrong, they are referring to something different.

My boa was boarded and their level of use was MUCH higher than prevent a mite- which is only a 0.50%. Their home maid mix was over 6%- it doesnt sound like a lot
pasted in from the op's quote

i thought the op was talking about permethrin,because they compaired it the the active ingrediant in provent a mite Kat,but you know me pal,i'm easy confused

0.50% and 6% is a huge amount of difference,in such an active chemical

re provent a mite
i personally have never come across anyone having a bad experience with it...

it's the ONLY mite product i use

cheers shaun
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