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Since I am assuming most likely correctly that this post is aimed at myself and others, then let me point out some of the finer details for everyone to see.

My join date - Registered: 11-18-02

To be verified here, on this LINK

Snakemann87s join date - Registered: 02-06-03

To be verified with this LINK

This should clearly show to anyone that I did not follow snakemann87 from another forum, but instead have been a member here nearly three months PRIOR to the snakemanns appearance on this site.

Facts are facts.

Many of my posts may not be the sugary sweet lack of substance that has been displayed numerous times in the past.
But they are full of facts and are intended to teach everyone about the pets that they so enjoy.
If some one has posted things that are obviously flawed in their husbandry, I am going to let them know.

If they do something then try to backtrack later, I will let them see what the discrepencies in their post are.

Maybe they and others will learn from this more, instead of merely posting 'Cool' Nice' 'Sweet' etc.

Apparently other members here do agree with some of the things I have stated in an effort to teach.
It is visible in their posts preceding my own posts in the threads.

Since it is obvious that I did in fact join months preceding some others, so how is it then thought that I CHASED them from other forums?

I bring good and thoughtful posts in order to teach others.

Is that bad?
I hope not, because I certainly don't want to be limited to saying 'cool' and 'sweet' everytime someone posts like many others do.
I just don't post that often.
When I do it is for the benefit of all that are willing to learn.
I feel it is best to post thoughtfully and with depth and facts than to post frivilously with meaningless filler material.

(If I wanted meaningless filler, I would watch Seinfeld re-runs)

This site has a LOT of potential and a LOT of growing to do yet.
There will be even more thought provoking members in the future, not just The_Omen.
They will add charisma to the forums that will help the site grow and others to learn more about the pets we so willingly love and cherish.
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