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It is true that vindictive personal agendas can cause real problems. But just to play Devil's Advocate for a moment ( i try to look at everything), in certain cases I feel that information that someone gave in another venue, particularly false or malicious info, should be brought to light.

Being a Hot Keeper, if on another one of my forums someone said "Venomoids are bad, I would never own one!", then came here and posted pics of thier 3 new venomoids, I would call them on it, "Didn't you just say on that you would never have one?". Just like if there is someone giving advice on curing RI that i KNOW has never dealt with or maybe doesnt even owne snakes (just throwing out random examples), the i would publicly question them. Or if someone screwed over 50 people on snakes then publicly wants to sell to amember, i would want to know.

I think that in certain cases, bringing information about someone from any venue may have its advantages.
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