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I think fear factor is a very stupid show. I have seen quite a few particular shows that make me sick. There was one where they had hundreds if not thousands of snakes in a tank full of water (it was kinda like a dunktank) the snakes included green snakes, cornsnakes, milksnakes, kingsnake and more. They also had a 10 foot burm in the tank. The object was to swim down to the bottom of the tank and pick up as many pucks with yellow painted on one side of them,in a certtain time limit. While the people dived into the tank snakes were kicked, hit etc. I was disgusted by this, these people have utterly no respect for animals.

As for BWSmiths comment I do not think that just judged just because they watch television. Whats wrong with watching TV, mant peoplelike to watch the discovery channel, documentaries...etc. They are educational and you can learn alot from them. As well Tv is a major way of news, weather...etc. I would definately not say that someone does not have a life just because they watch T.V.

Just my oppinion!

Sean E.
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