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Be very careful with the vapona, it is not safe, and especially not for young snakes. I used it with a burm, after being told it was perfectly safe, and she had some neurological side effects. I removed the vapona, gave her a good soak, cleaned the cage, and used Sawyer's tick spray for the mites. All you do is remove the snake and the waterbowl from the cage, fog the cage, cover with a towel if top is screened, and wait one hour. If there is substrate in the bottom, spray it well, stir, and spray again. After an hour, remove the cover and air out for one hour. Then replace snake and water bowl. The residual from the spray is enough to kill all mites on the snake. I know lots of people spray things, ie. Black Knight, directly onto their snake, but I for one refuse to spray chemicals of any kind on any of my snakes, "safe" or not. They have to breathe Hope this helps
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