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lol Yea sure, I'd really contact you after that Mark

Anyway, I DID see that show and I can't believe how STUPID it is.

First of all, when I hear "celebrity", I DON'T think of "Melissa Rivers" or "Stuttering John"... Those are the only 2 people I've even heard of. Second of all, the ONLY entertaining part was when Melissa Rivers flipped out because she claimed that the show was trying to humiliate her and the others. (Obviously!!)
This is by far the STUPIDEST show to come out of those reality tv writer's bums.
By the way, I agree that those crocs could NOT have been real.. His tail kept moving back and forth while he stayed in one place, and it kept "wagging" almost like a dog...

Oh well, I say we get those writers some butt plugs.

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