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Nothing really to do with this thread (It KIND of relates back to the seahorse thing)...(but not really)

I bought a book in Florida last week called "Enjoy your Chameleon." On the front is a panther, and the 'center picture' is a jackson's ... [if I remember correctly, I don't have it with me.] The book goes on talking about chameleons, yet all the other pictures besides those 2 are anoles.. They kind of mesh things about chams in with anoles... The dewlap, the colour change, the habitat vs. the cage (Describe the cham's habitat, yet suggests keeping it in a clear vase with sand)... It's absolutely hilarious... It also says that "cham's" love to be worn around... they have a picture of an anole with a red ribbon tied around it's neck and being pinned to some woman's shirt... lol I'd like to see someone try that with a cham. (Not seriously, of course.)

aahah Just thought it was funny.

(PS I only paid 1.50 for it lol)
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