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Fear factor also did one with a bunch of corns and milks in an aquarium full of water and apples. The people had to "bob" for the apples in a tank full of snakes. I was scared one of the snakes was going to get bitten! The contestants were scared THEY were going to get bitten (lol). Of course, the corns were pretty freaked out and someone really could've gotten bitten in the face or eye, whatever. Really really sick show.

Another time they had contestants lay in a big tub in a swimsuit and they covered them with hundreds of rat, milk, king, and corn snakes for something like 3 minutes. Now, other than the obvious fact of the snakes eating each other (kings and corns???) and disease, it wasn't THAT dangerous to the snakes untill they had to get out of the tub. What if they squished some? Couldn't help but think though that I soooooo would've won that challenge! And I definately would've inquired about what was going to happen to the snakes after the show.
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