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Unhappy Missing snake..

One of my cornsnakes wandered off on Friday night as I was cleaning. We've got carpets everywhere so I can't find a trail in powder/flour. Not sure what to do to find him.. we've looked under every chair [found out there's two little holes he'd fit thru into the backs of them, but I don't want to cut my chairs/couch apart], looked under the stove and fridge, and checked the bathroom..

Any suggestions?

I have rats as pets, and raise some as feeders so the scent of rat would be everywhere [my 4 yr old plays all over the place with them] to a snake, but we don't smell it. Because of this I don't think leaving a rat pup in a container would work to lure him out.

I'm going crazy here. There is no way he could get out of our place unless he can climb straigt up walls to a height of over 7 feet to the vents in our bathroom.
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