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I have to agree with BurmBaroness,
my cb ball python (I got him a year ago as a hatchling) has given me more frustration and head-banging-against-the-wall moments than my corn, king and waterdragon combined.
He goes off of feed for weeks at a time, he ONLY will accept fuzzies or pinkys (hes big and can easily take 1-2 adults, but NOoooooooo) I have to trick him every single feeding by giving him a live pink or fuzzy and as he is swallowing it, place the head of an adult in his mouth. Sometimes he falls for it, sometimes he doesn't. I'va had to do this from day one. If I don't-he doesnt eat.
Not only that but I prefer (like a lot of people) to turn down the heat at night in my home (to save on bills), my bp, on the other hand does NOT enjoy this (will go off feed) and we have had to make special heating arangements for him at night.
Plus, we live in the mountains of Alberta and it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep the humidity up enough for him to shed properly.

I still love him to death, and he is my husbands baby (thats cause I have to deal with all of this LOL) but if I had to do it over again, I would have gotten another king.

*edited to add*
One more thing... he doesn't enjoy handling near as much as the corn and king do. As a result, we only get to handle him before a feeding or he will get stressed out and won't eat at all..... sigh.....

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