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Nouserpif: I love the idea but Aphrodite was the goddess of love, it is Athena the goddess of war. But I'm not too crazy about Athena... I checked out the other greek goddesses and none of the names I found really fit...

I would like to find something that suits her color and maybe temperment but it's really hard to find asian translations for english words. Since this species originates from Asia namely Thailand and Laos, I was hoping to find out how to say blue spider or blue sky in one of those languages. Problem is, every foreign dictionary I look up, they only give me the translation that I want written in the original language. Now, for an english-thai dictionary. I can't see how it can remotely help an english person to know the translation of a word when all it comes up with is how the word is spelled like in Thai alphabet, how can I read that!!!

Marisa: Fully stretched out, her legspan is 4" but she is not as full bodied as other tarantula species like my mexican red knee. It's hard to say if she will grow much bigger, maybe fill out a little more. Boy, I can't wait for a molt from this girl!!!

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