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OK Ihave ben falowing the Jackson story since it cam out recently.
Lets start with one thing at a time did any of you know that he was horibaly disfigured in 1984 a pyro thenic gone bad did you all watch BOTH storys that came on the air?
the Martin Beshier story AND the origenal tha jackson himself was toping at the same time. The problem was that when martin said cut not all cameras stop rolling. That is how we got the real story
behind it all.

as fore the plastic surgerys he only had 2 one at the time of the acident and another after he could not hide the skin problem.

The baby thing ppl wanted to see the baby they saw the baby if ppl dont want to see that kind of stuf dont stand out side of the hotel screaming you want to see a baby or for our cabel viewers change the chanel when cabel componies ratings go down they wont put it on the air any more

As for the vails if you saw the second story you would know that it was the mother that wanted them to where them. Do you know how much a bum could make buy kidnaping thos kids
the mother said I wore vails the kids can where them to it's not gona kill them

Michel Jackson was 5 YEARS old when he started his carrer he was rehersing when we were out plaing tag with our friends his first few gigs were at night clubs at 7-8 years old he would sing and the stripers came on after them.

he had no child hood, so when thing slowed down I dont blame him for not wanting to grow up right away he has money and no where to put it he didn't want to grow up he wanted to know what being a kid was all about so then came (peter pan) it is the disney charector that discribes him the most so he made neverland what a beter way to find out what a child hood is like then seeing it unfold in front of your eyes.

we want to learn about reptiles what do we do we soround our selves with snakes and others.

any way this is geting to be along post I hope it enlighten a few things
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