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you know what I am not shour about leagl or not but I remember at the last TO show. jeff hade to ask every one's permision to post some of the best pics just to show them off at the show so to go out and actualy get one to use against some one I think it would be wrong cause a pic i nothing but the past any thing could have changed betwean the time it was taken and the present time I think if you(in general) are going to coment on somthing about a person's (advice, coment, pic's and judgement calls) you should only use the info given within the thread I alwase eat fresh meat ther for I alwas coment on fresh info none of this 3 day old crap that has ben waterd down so much that no one knows where the topic came from.

OHHH god it's 7:30am and I still havent went to bed yetI dont think I should bother now I'l wake up to late.....aaany wase

that is what I think about that
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