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complete weirdo! yeah he does make his kids wear masks and he sleeps in the same bed with little kids. and he must have bleached his skin. he claims he has a skin disease called vitilago, thats when your immune system attacks your melanin and leaves your skin totally white. in some people it can progress very far to the point that they look like a cow because they are so badly spotted tan and white. and as far as i know that takes years and years to happen to any where near that degree. his just popped up and over a year period he was chalk white. and normally it does go away. (i had a mild case of vitilago on my knees when i was little, its gone, but i did learn a lot about it)
his face is so distorted its creepy, i wouldn't touch that crap with a ten foot pole. man he is one creepy guy.
i wish i had his money!
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