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Rethius: Chill bud, no need to yell. Some people haven't been giving him supportive criticism, some has been presumptuous and negative. I don't think you should be telling him to just agree with what people are saying, because nobody but him really knows the situation his snakes are in (Or maybe a few people who actually are aware, like bp5000). The point is that he doesn't need to just accept what's being told to him... I don't think people should just agree with what's being said, a lot of people could be making things up and lying. (I'm not saying you guys are though )

Anyway I do think that this is getting ridiculous... True he probably shouldn't have put them together, even if it were just for a photo op, but seriously, a lot of people jump to conclusions and make assumptions that just don't exist. If we're concerned about a situation, I think we should start asking questions before making accusations.

With that said I'm sure he's learned his lesson... and I've learned mine: Be careful what pictures you post!

Have a good day guys... hope everyone chills out.
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