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I only have one question for all of you in your firs couple of years how many of you lost a reptile not wanting to(died)I was once told 60% of all pro herpers lost there first herp cause of stuff they oner looked I am one of thos 60% since then i vowed not to perchas a animal until I reserched it and you know what I still know NOTHING only what workes for the animals I have worked with.

At 15 god let him work let him screw up let him loose a animal (I dont think it will come to that) after all he isent a vegetable he needs CONSTRUCTIVE critasisume not DESTRUCTIVE.

I am not an angel not to long a go I came down hard on him for somthing stupid and you know what I appologised and I think that some of the above should do the same.
No names given but the adults in this herp sociaty and real herpes will re read this thread and find there mistakes
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