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? ?snake activity? ?

I have only 3 species currently; blood python, bcc and ball. I'm wondering if activity is common(to a degree) within a species or if it depends on the individual? be more specific ....I've noticed that my ball python is out and about every night, very active. He wasn't this active until January (9 months of age)....and I thought it may be related to breeding season but he still continues to move around alot at night. My red tail, on the other hand, just sits in her hide box (9 months old) and only pokes her head out once in a while for a drink. She is definately more timid than the ball,which might contribute to her hiding alot but I don't think there are any stress factors within her environment to make her hide so much. The blood(2yrs old), on the third hand .......does a mixture of both, hiding and cruising, actually from what I've heard of other curtus' she really gets alot of excercise. Anyways.....the point of this rant is just to get some opinions and experiences of people on the behaviour of their boas, balls and bloods, for comparison...and what people think could be classified as common within a species. Am I being overly analytical here!?lol!
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