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Housing together or no, the fact that 2 different species of snakes are soaking together is disturbing to me. One snake poops, the water is contaminated, and so what if the vet "says" they are healthy? They each have specific bacterium that are totally normal for that species, but may be harmful to another species. And just because a vet "says" the snakes are healthy, IBD may not even be evident at all for 6 mos to a yr, and if it's carried and never manifested, you will never know the snake has it at all. That is, until other animals in your collection start to die off. The ONLY way you will know for sure if a snake has IBD is AFTER it is dead already, by having a necropsy done. Real smooth snakemann, I know you buddy, have caught you lying before. Don't do all these nice folks here like that. They just want to help. I see you still don't care as much for your animals as you wish every one to believe. And, by the way, I DO quarantine my new snakes, so maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't think so.
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