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I did read what he wrote.

after walking in my room and finding these two
Funny how he has boas and pythons but only pics of ONE cage that they are in on pretty much different pics on different days.

He is violating all quarentine protocol with them in the water tub together also, no matter what.

It has been proven time after time in the past and many others here seem to agree with that.

Quarentine works ONLY when followed religiously.

This means keeping the snakes separate for a time of 30 - 90 days,sometimes longer, forever except for breeding purposes is best, washing your hands between handling different snakes and many other standards.

I am trying to get snakemann to learn about the animals he has in order to prevent an unseen occurance, such as illness or death.

Maybe he and others can learn from it.

Afterall, even the worst books on the market say to not mix species for even a short time.

p.s. The_Omen: a few pictures in NOT grounds for accusations unless you see these snakes on a regular basis housed together.
I do believe I covered this already here.

I will add that althoutgh quite a few like to have pics of all their snakes together, how many pics have you seen of snakes together that were oddly ALL in the same enclosure?

Not many.
Most people get their snakes out and actually have them somewhere else, such as on the lawn, living room floor etc all due to not wanting to leave any nastys in the ones cage due to quarentine confines and protocols.
But with so many pics on different dates and such, then it appears as if the snakes ARE being housed together.

The ball and boa look awful comfortable to have just been placed there for a pic.
The burm and the boa also appear way to cozy to have been just dropped in for a pic which is also evident with the snakemanns own words -
after walking in my room and finding these two
Not this- I put these together for pics.

His own words gave it away, along with the pics.

Hopefully someone may get curious enough to ask even more questions about their snakes, quarentine times, transmittable diseases etc and learn that way instead of the hard way.
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