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Re: Possum threat. Kill it or leave it

Hear a Fisher Cat Sound and Audio – Sounds it Makes | Fisher Cat Screech This is a simple call while hunting. There scream is very scary and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand. One can sound like a huge cat fight. We have them locally and get to hear them fighting and screaming at night. The first one I ever saw was while driving at night on a back road. At first I thought it was someones escaped ferret so stopped the car to see if it would come to me. When I got out of the car the fc turned while I was calling to it. It was about 20 feet or so from me. As soon as he turned and snarled I knew my mistake and jumped back in the car. They may be on the small side but it's one of the scariest animals I've come across short of a bear.
If you have fox in the area it could also be that. They have a high pitched scream also that can be scary and will also go after skunk.
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