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A house gecko would work great, just provide an open area in the house (or two or three...) that has a 5 gallon tank or similar with a couple crickets (shouldn't be able to escape, or maybe try a bunch of mealworms), with a heat lamp or something nearby, so you are sure the geckos stay as hot as they want, and that they can eat as much as needed if your problem goes away, but you can't find all the geckos... be prepared for breeding! My advice is get set up with 2 or 3 house geckos, or 2-3 tokays (Tokays are vicious creatures, but beautiful and big, so they are neat to have around...) Just make sure that they can't escape or get injured, I.E. screens over windows, not leaving doors open, put the toilet lid down, etc. etc.

I hear free roaming pets are quite popular someplaces too, even in colder areas, as long as they have the Heat+food Idea I mentioned above...

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