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Get them young and set the bug that's the idea. I wanted to discuss peoples fears of herps and find out from the students why they think people fear herps and then go from there but I ran out of time. I tried to keep it as educational as possible. I'm very protective of my herps to begin with so as you can imagine this was not the most hands on show ever. I've seen shows where the presenter simply pulls out a snake, says what it is and hands it around. And I also forgot to mention that no snakes went around anybodies neck, including mine. I personally feel that it sends the wrong message. Every time I hear about a 5 yr old who had his/her pic taken at the mall with a Boa around their neck I cringe. Pics were taken but the snakes were in the studentís hands. At the end of the show the students stood in a line and I brought a BP down the line for them all to get a feel of.
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