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Talking Reptile show at my school

Hey Everyone,

Well more of a snake show really. As some of you know Iím a teacher at a K-3 school. Up until recently I was keeping four Bearded Dragons in my classroom. After the March break I will be keeping a corn snake.
Because of the Canada Games we started our March break a week early this year. Given that it was the last day before the break, and as a school we we're not starting any new work, the staff thought it would be a good idea if I held a reptile show for the school. So for an hour straight I showed them 5 different corn morphs, a hog island boa, a rainbow boa and a ball python. I also had a student bring in his full-grown slider turtle. I had a world map labelled to show where the snakes come from, and a large table covered with all of my reptile books. I stressed how important education is to our hobby in order to be successful at it. For each animal I discussed its natural history and captive care requirements. Through out the presentation I answered all kinds of question ranging from are snakes slimy, to do they see heat, which I thought was great because I was just about to pull out the ball python and discuss heat pits. I was able to dispel a few myths and put the bug into a few more potential future herpers. The principal and one of the teachers took lots of photos and I'll post them after the break.
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