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Unhappy Bite free streak has come to an end

Well my female boa just shed, so I thought I'd take her out and take some pics. I go into the office to show her off to my mom, and then stand in front of her desk with my boa crawling all over me. Cuddles decided to a bit mischeivious and went behind my back. I suddenly felt a slight shot in my arm, and I had this surprised expression on my face like *what the hell was that?*... I didn't know what hit me lol. I move my arm to look at it and notice little blood dots. I was like "damnit!" right in front of my mom. lol, she didn't enjoy that word ... but she asked what was wrong and I innocently said "nothing" and walked into my room and yelled out "you little b****!" This is the first time IN HER LIFE this boa has ever bitten anyone... I've had her for 3 years!!! I dunno what came over her! it pisses me off so much! grrrrr..... here are a couple pics

<center><img src=>
(right after she tagged me) It didn't even hurt, but it's the principle of the matter!

<img src=>
The little crap who bit me
Who are you callin' a freak?!
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