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Here is one of the biggest issues with large boids in captivity.

Go ahead, start all the classes you want, get a licensing program started.

It doesn't matter.

Pet stores and some breeders will still sell them to people that aren't ready for them.
Book smarts and knowing an awful lot about a certain type of animal does NOT make up for experience with one.
Handling one once, does in no way make you ready to own one either.
Having the proper permits AND a check of your knowledge and set up by a government appointed checker, will not show your true experience.

Even if you are a young person, with true experience, things in life change.
That cute snake you got when you were 15 or 16 is now a 13 footer.
Guess what?
Mom and dad say it has to go now since it isn't cute and small like the pet store said it would be.
You are smart and do great in school and get a scholarship or you plan furthering your education.
Guess what?
Most schools don't allow pets like that in dorms.
Mom and dad say they aren't keeping it for you either.
Mom and dad agree to keep it for you while you are away for a short time and you meet the love of your life, your (gag) soulmate.
Guess what?
She/he will have nothing to do with it and urge you to get rid of it.
You don't want to be stuck in school so you opt for military and will be gone for at least 3 months.
Sure, some times mom and dad will keep it for ya then, BUT when you graduate basic you find out that the base you are on does not allow such pets.
Move off base?
Well, base housing follows pretty much the rules of the base.
Get an apartment?
Good luck finding one that will let you keep snakes period and does NOT call AC to remove it the first time they hear of it AND evict you for violating the contract. And have a possibility of being charged with violating any local or state laws already in effect for restricting ownership of large constrictors.

Lots of things that humans NEVER consider, mainly due to spurr of the moment purchases and thinking, it will never happen to me.

That's life, people change and so do their situations.

Here's more.
Cute snake when I bought it and I was told it could live in a ten gal all its life, but now I am scared of it and it has to go.

My roomate owns it but he split and ran and left them here. I don't want them.

The phone rings, it's AC asking you to come pick up a 15 footer they found in the park after someone released it.

It bit my son on the arm and that scared me, it has to go now.

I am pregnant and I am scared to get salmonella from it, it has to go now.

All different types of things that life tosses us.

If you want a large constrictor, then get your SELF established in life FIRST!
Get through school or whatever restricts your time and energies along with $$.
Buy a house in an area that you not only like, but is in an area that does not have them outlawed. The large boid may need its own room soon.
Get all applicable permits required, especially if you plan to delve into hots one day.
Make sure that your lifetime commitment is something you are ready for, not just for you, but for ANYONE that resides with you.

There are many more points i can stress, but I really want you to do your own thinking here.
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