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Ok now that the great spelling debate is straightened out, lets get back to the snake debate.

I don't think we should push any laws restricting the herp keeping hobby until they are needed. When are they needed? when the law makers start considering regulating them. why give the idea to make a law before the idea is on the books? when you give the law makers one idea they can always twist and pervert it into the idea to ban the hobby outright or other special intrest groups (peta, humane society) may notice and start pushing their agenda.

Instead we should be pushing to self regulate by edjucating the breeders and stores that would sell to anyone and everyone to make a buck that this sort of behavior just results in a short term income and an eventual banning of their very livelyhood that feeds their families. Getting stores to include caresheets with the animal would be a good step (with out legislating them to do it).

The less we have the government paying attention to the hobby the better, it keeps our taxes down and it keeps some cival servent who either doesn't care about or care for the hobby from making decisions for us. The last thing we need is some one like Kursix's parents (just an example here) deciding that they don't want anyone keeping the symbol of satan anywhere near them (their neighbourhood, city, province/state or country) and unreasonably outlawing the hobby.

Another thing. The law makers reflect the will of the "majority". Unfortunetly herp keepers are a small minority (I know, everyone should own a herp). If organisations such as the humane society start telling people that herp keeping is bad and out of control and everyone's children are in danger of being eaten or killed by blood thirsty cold blooded animals you can bet they will be more likely to inform their representive of their will. The less bad press and more positive education we can get out there the better it is for the hobby.

Show the general public that the hobby is safe and benificial to society and mankind in general. How is it benificial? well the more captive bred animals being kept the less danger of depleting already endagered numbers of species in the wild. How does that help mankind? nature stays in a better balance, resulting in fewer vermin attacking farmers crops and the need for less pesticides. Also should the wild populations of any species become extinct they can be reintroduced into the wild from captive bred populations.
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