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Re: Donations

Hi everyone, ive noticed that Jeff has left the donations thread so that we cannot respond. I just wanted to say a word or two, so bare with me. I thought i would share a couple of thoughts that crossed my mind when i saw the posting. I hope Jeff isnt mad that i am sending this, and although im sure that many of you are aware that he is almost my brother in law, still please here me out. The site, number one is not a money making machine that alot of us would assume. Infact to my knowledge, it does not make money, period. Some of you that own your own sites are probably aware the amount of time and effort that goes into them. I know first hand that Jeff spends a minimal of two hours a day just doing downloads. I know this because he lives almost an hour aware, but when he visits, he is usually here the whole weekend, and completely takes over my system to do so. This does not include the personal responses to questions, and the encouragement that he gives in those responses. Simply put he cares. And this is the reason that i will personally make a donation to him, not because he is a friend. Also, as everyone is aware, the site went through several up grades. Not all of the upgrades could be handled by Jeff, and i know for a fact that there is more to come. In one thread Jeff joked around about having to pay out for some of the upgrades, but believe me, im sure no one is aware how much, and i was completely stunned myself. Why upgrade, it wasn't completely necessary, but again, here come the care factor. Im not begging here, im just sympathizing. I have seen it first hand. Just float around the web to various sites, you will soon find hundreds, if not thousands that have had update only within a year, maybe they havent even been done in several year!!! This site, is however daily, and for that, the hard work, compasion, and dedication to the subject, i applaud Jeff, and i hope as many of you, as I will support him not only with the site, but also the upcoming t.o. reptile show, and let him know that this isn't all for nadda. Remember, the money is going straight back as prizes, Jeff ive got the check book out.......let me know what to put in the blanks, luvyabuddy,shane
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