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good point dom Hmmmmm.....a burm, a retic or a rock

I think they should be like alcohol you need to be of age or it is not good to your healt or in many cases parents let there kids drink under there supervision ei X-mas, new years and so on

at 18 or 19 a person becomes responsible for his/her actions there for they should become responsible for his/her pet.

meaning a lets say a 13 year old has a burm and it kills his friend who is babysiting it for the week who gets sued not the kid...... his parents he is not yet responsible for his/her actions or his/her pets

just a thaught lets debat it all the under age herpers may have some good points to add

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Just a thought, but maybe spell check can help out a bit, cause following your posts as written is extremely difficult.
Normally I don't say much about spelling, but run on sentence structure with grammatical and spelling errors is a pita to read AND prevent a migraine..
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