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I'm a realist.
As for the other sites, well, if ya can't handle the truth about your animals and their care, ya aint gonna hack it anywhere.

I could care less about humans.

I am all for the pets we keep though.

I would rather see people putting out great info and educating others about proper care and husbandry for the animals that are kept, than to see a bunch of PC crap, like 'cool snake' 'your husbandry is off somewhat, but thats fine as long as YOU feel good about killing your snake' etc....

If some one is doing something wrong, then they will be told that by me and only a few others here.
When I have the time that is.

People seeking to be told that they are doing ok and fine etc, looking for approval of their care etc, when it is wrong, and taking things as insults when they are corrected, need not apply for the job as pet owner in my book.
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