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Re: Dangerous pet products that should never be used for pets

Originally Posted by Wyldrose View Post
Heres on that bothers me: Hermit crab bling kit. Hermit crabs are all wild caught so putting glitter and glueing pompoms onto them is inhumane...

For the furry critters, Hartz flea and worm meds(actually a lot of pet meds sold in grocery and petshop fall into this too). One slight miss calculation and your animal is having seizures and/or dying from an over does. You Vet is the best place to buy these usually without them having to see your animals.

A note to add to the yesterdays news and other paper pellets. They can contain up to 10% of floor sweepings. Which can be bits of plastic, staples, glass etc. I use to use it for mice until I had to pick things out of it.
The fact that hermit crabs are wild caught has nothing to do with how humane glue pompoms to their shell is.

This thread is about things truly harmful not things that are harmful because of misuse.
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