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this makes me SICK

have you guys seen the new reality T.V show "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" it is just wrong man they give celebereties a minamum rashion of food rice and beans and to get any thing more they have to do a chalange. Tomarow they will decide to who will do fridays chanlange.......... it gets better the chalange is to go and swim in a crocodilie pit and get a star at the bottom of the pit. Someone could realy get hurt doing somthing like that
man I worked with alligators they are known as the puppy dogs of the crocodilian world and I would not go swiming whit them. Whats wors is that the host of the show is actualy jooking saying " hey one of our contenders could actualy get eaten you would not want miss that" No I would not want to miss that cause if I hde the money I would sue the the show for cruelty to animals and recles endagerment I dont know if any one shares my oppinion so lets see who does. And suposibly the chalenges are only gona get worse
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