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Originally posted by FlatwoundScotty
While I refuse to enter into political or religious discussions, Kurzix, I have to take your parents side on this one. Of course I do not agree with their beliefs but I feel that since you're living in their home, you're obligated to do so following their rules. I don't think you should waste any more of your time or breath trying to convert them in their beliefs.

Be thankful you have somewhere to live and deal with it till you can get on your feet and back out on your own again.

Just my biased opinion as a parent.

I want to be perfectly clear here. I fell upon rough times, and I am thankful for parents willing to help me out. Granted this is their house, and their rules. There are many rules that I have to follow that I don;t agree with. However I respect those rules. Even the no snakes rule, which is why i will not try to "sneak" one in. However the reason behind the no snake rule is what gets me.

See none of the other rules is something I am passionate about. I could care less about the no alcohol, the curfew (yes 24yrs old with a curfew) thats stuff I can deal with. If I could keep snakes here that would indeed rock! And it would be an added bonus. I just want to change my parents view of the animal.

Keep in mind all the time I was on my own, I owned snakes. My parents NEVER came by my house. I;ve not asked if the snakes were the reason but i suspect so. when I am back on my own I will have snakes again. If they refuse to come over because of the pets I chose to keep, that is their problem, but if I never try to correct it, then its my fault.

This sunday I plan to talk to the pastor and see what his views are. I thank everyone for their replys, I just wanted my reasoning and intentions to be clear, its not at all that is disrespect, or want to disobey the rules, I just want to change the reasoning behind it!

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