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I am a christian Man here myself. Catholic to be exact. I am sure most of you will say catholicism is corrupt because our priests malest people. All I can say to that is there are like 2 or 3 priests that probably did. But they are human like us and not god and do get tempted. ANyways Besides the point. I would use an example of say when Jesus healed the person who was posessed by demons and then he cast it into the pigs and the pigs went wild and drowned themselves. Does that mean the pigs are a sign of evil because they had satan inside them? Also a snake is god's creature. But the snakes they talk of in the bible are venomous and very aggressive snakes. They were'nt talking about nice cute little ball pythons that are harmless to humans. What about satanists who get converted to christianity? Is it once a satanists always a satanist or what? Can't things change? What I did when we got the first snake in the house was just snuck it in. Even though my mother said no a million times and was serious we still brought it in. That was for my bros snake. And then I got one. Now she's fine with them and will sit beside me when I am holding it.Your parents just might need to get used to it. I think it's kinda dumb how a stereotype will be laid upon an animal that was the image of satan in the bible. WHat if satan was a horse??? It just doesn't suit it because venomous snakes just look mean. Anyways I just hope that adleast one of the people examples in this forum helps your parents decision. I'll pray for ya. God Bless.
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