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I also must absolutely agree with Pixie. One thing I really like about this site is that I have never once been slammed for having an opinion or expressing an opinion. I've gotten into the habit of saying "In my opinion" or "I think that" or something just to cover myself that what I am saying is simply my two cents. Not to be taken as instruction or giving orders or anything like that. I have had many bad experiences at other sites which I will not name that if I did not completely agree with someone I was debating I was a horrible person, and even an animal abuser!!! I have absolutely never, EVER experienced that here and I thank everyone here for providing an open venue free from attack. For a while I thought it was me, because on the other sites, I did voice my opinion when I disagreed with someone. But here, everyone takes it in stride. I have not seen anyone over exert themselves to try to change anyone else's opinion.

Take the age-old substrate debate (at least for Leopard Geckos). Head over to "you-know-where" and every 5 minutes there is a new 40 post long thread on the subject. Now i'm not saying it's not a healthy debate, but come on, that's just out of hand. I have yet to see such a thing here. Granted this site is less saturated with Leo lovers but I have been a member of leo sites with fewer members where the subject is still an emotional topic. So BW, yes I agree that people should feel free to express their opinions. It seems like we don't have such heated debated here but I think that's only because everyone here is respectful of everyone else's opionions.

One thing I have concluded with regards to reptiles is that there is very rarely a "right way" and a "wrong way" to do things. There are the big no-nos like hot rocks of course. Generally though, right and wrong depends on personality and what works for the keeper. For example the substrate thing: there are those who are more interested in safety of the animal and there are those who are more interested in the aesthetics of the enclosure. I personally and somewhere in between, i like to be as safe with my animals as I can while still creating an enclosure that looks cool. Neither is right or wrong, it just depends where your priorities lie.

Anyway, I think this is an interesting topic.
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