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Hmmm... I believe religion should impair no decisions... You should be able to keep your snakes, especially if the only reason stopping you is your parents religion.

What about that moses dude, who threw his staff, and then it turned into a snake, ate two bad guys' snakes, and turned back into a snake? That was in the bible, wasn't it? Or was that in that Veggie-tales movie...

Whatever. I really don't think religion is anything to take TOO seriously... Look at it this way, these friggen fanatics give their lives for their religion, for the hope of salvation, and your parents (and probably your) religion won't allow you to keep an animal, because "It looks like a bad guy".
What sounds crazier?

Think about the animal, not about the idea of the animal. Doesn't God say something about not judging things like that, and that all animals are God's Creatures?

Ah whatever, I'm just remembering soem things from the bible, now I'm gonna have to go read it, so I remember what it says, or else it will bug me.

Just my Ranting...

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