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Herping vs Theology

This most likely will be a pretty heated thread, and I know talk about religion is typically frowned upon, but I mention it only because it is relevent.

As alot of you may know already, I had to move back in with my parents, and they forbid me from bringing my snakes with me. They claimed that a snake is an image of Satan and not to be allowed into my fathers house. (this is the point where i will note my parents are Southern Baptist).

Well to the point of my post, as herpers part of our responsibility is to educate people about all herps, and even snakes. So if anyone has any points I could use to try and overturn my parents or anyone else who objects to animals for religous reasons, I'd really like some help here. I think for this defense to have any chance with people like this quotes out of the bible would be needed to back it up.

To anyone religous who reads this, it is not meant to be offensive, I just want to be able to keep my herps!! after all they are just animals...or are they?
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