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Exactly. Getting to drive a car means pratice...i.e. learning about cars, and how to operate them properly. You want a rock python so you have to take a class, or spend time voluntering somewhere that has one, take a test, any number of options could be implemented. Anyone needs a license to drive, 14 or the same thing would apply to anyone. I don't think this is outlandish. Getting one simple permit.

And besides, people who obviously have the experience and already own retics and burms wouldn't be getting a permit per snake. But to keep them as a species.

But I agree with reverendsterlin that anything like this could turn out for the worse and it would be very suspicous to most at first. But just an idea.

I know that its bad press when one of these things happens. But can anyone point me to somewhere where I could view a number of times this has happened in the last year or whatever? How often a large snake actually causes a problem?

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