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I personally think that the best way to learn is debating... I agree with many points out there but disagree with WAY too many ppls posts. Personally I think theres too many ppl that give others oppinion that don't know what they are doing.. I have learned to use .. u must select the right information out there. Often in order to know the answer to a question through a thread, one must know the answer first lol

The problem with debates is ppl take it to heart and it becomes personal, childish and immature attacks on others..I love a good debate.. If only they stayed good...

As for the crocodilians in captivity.. I think that 90% of all ppl who own them should not.. Unless u are trully qualified and know what u are getting into, u chould not own one.. I have had lots of experience with many crocodilians of various size and species .. and I am not 100% sure i am in the 10% of ppl that should keep one yet..

Then again.. Why ask the question .. should I keep a croc.. how about a retic or rock or Burm or hot ..

Just my ranting..

(Also keep in mind it is our job to keep the peace, meaning a moderator has to always try to be unbiased to others oppinions)..
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