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when it comes down to someone say wanting to feed wild caught food or something
Good example, kindof. That reminds me that I have to check my trap tonight to see if i caught food for Jellybean

All but one snake eats feeder rodents (most frozen). Should you feed snakes WC prey, no. Will you HAVE to at some point, possibly. An adult WC EDB will generally not take to feeder rodents readily if it decides to even eat. Tog et hem feeding in captivity, opten WC prey is all that will be taken. Then they can be moved over to more conventional feeding. I keep squirells and chipmunks in the feeder freezer so i have them on hand in such a case. Case in point, another EDB. 4' female. I had to get her on chipmunks, then offer a chipmunk immediately followed by a rat, then scent the rat with chipmunk, now she just takes rats. Took quite a few chipmunks, but now she pounds every rat I throw in. Pretty good for that species.

Your point is still well taken, just thought I would throw in a little pepper to the soup
I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.
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