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My only problem when people discuss herp beliefs is that there is a line.

Some things ARE debatable. Of course. Most things are. But there are some things that ARE NOT. They are solid fact based on years of trial and error. And I really hate it when (never happens here actually though, on other furms) someone tries to end a debate on one of these fact solid issues by saying "Everyone has their own opinion, to each his own!" thats BS!!! Proper diet is not a "to each his own" (when it comes down to someone say wanting to feed wild caught food or something) neither is proper heat, there are some things that are a matter of opinion and some things that are NOT in MHO!

I mean, you can't change an animals needs beucase you believe or feel one way or another. Needs are needs, and they aren't yours. The animals have to come first. I could go buy a lion tomorrow and tell everyone that in my Opinion they do well eating a 100% mouse diet. But the fact of the matter is that thats NOT true! They need larger meats. But on a forum a person could argue all day saying "well he is still alive and healthy" but the bottom line is he needs larger food with more bone and what not. Thats fact. Not debatable. But sure enough people willl argue and usually end up leaving it at "well to each his own" which i feel is a travesty to the animal. Because there are some things that can't be changed just because *we* want to be individuals.

Sorry bad example but all I could think of to get my point across.

That is what really bugs me. But of course, most things ARE highly debatable, and I was just mentioning the ones that bug me. The times people try and do things their own way when obviously its not the healthy correct way. sh*t i hope people can understand what i just wrote LOL.

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