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I found these instructions for building an incubator, are they any good? And how much would all this cost, apprx. ?

"You will need a submersible aquarium heater, a one gallon pickle jar or similar glass, water container, a styrofoam box deep enough for the jar to stand up in allowing clearance for the heater and a good thermometer.

First, decide where the incubator is going to be located.
Stand the jar in one corner of the box. Place the heater in the jar and fill to appropriate level, READ THE DIRECTIONS FOR OPERATING THE HEATER. You will need to cut a small notch in between the lid and edge of the box for the cord. Place the sensor for the thermometer where the egg container will sit. Turn the heater on, and allow to run for about a week, adjusting as required to stabilize the temperature. Remember to keep the water at the correct depth for the heater, it will evaporate a little. "

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