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Well... We are just gettin started out.... we have been jamming together occasionally, for about two months now... We will be playing good old punk rock, I want to be able to distinguish my words, but, since its punk rock, it doesn't need to be all that clean

We want it to be quite loud, but we wont be playin gigs for at least a year-two years...

We are playin on little Peavy's (158 rage, its like a foot squared, and eight inches "thick") and some even small amps, just getting the sound going, but we will be moving up to some bigger amps in the next year or so....
I make about $100 a month for band stuff.

We are looking at the middle of the line stuff, we saw some mics for $25 each, up to like $250, but we are looking to get set up with a mic adn everything for under $300, if possible.

Dan Conner
Check out my friends band... The vendors! Alternative/pop-punk.
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